Bentley "Together We Are Extraordinary"

Bentley | Together We Are Extraordinary

Bentley | Together We Are Extraordinary

The spot honors the decades of innovation, achievement and craftsmanship behind the renowned vehicles and takes viewers on a seamless journey through a variety of beautifully crafted CG settings whilst telling the story of key figures in the brand’s rich history.  

Looking through the eyes of W.O. Bentley, the film aims to propel the viewer into a world in which Bentley’s icons are immortalized and stand proud alongside the brand new Bentley iconic Continental GT. 

We brought back to life The Bentley Boys and Girls. They were the world-record breakers, adventurers and thrill seekers of the time. This sense of adventure lives on through the Bentley brand ethos today. We designed, sculpted and crafted everything in the film with an acute attention to detail, to a standard Bentley himself would be proud of and we had lots of fun doing so in the process.


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