Role: Creative direction, direction, activation strategy, content development, vfx supervision, post supervision.

The average commute is 26 minutes. For Volvo’s autonomous-driving concept, the C26, a film and mini documentary were created that would inspire and entertain through the reveal of the C26’s innovative AD system. A human story needed to be told, one that showcases the C26’s features into a relatable human experience, proving that Volvo’s technologies are designed around people and not just for technology’s sake. 

What started out as a press release reveal anthem film turned also into a mini documentary and a collaboration with Volvo on their press release event creative strategy.

When working as it should (As Arthur Clarke puts it: Advanced enough technology “is indistinguishable from magic”), technology becomes transparent and only the tangible human effect remains. In our case, the struggle with technology is non-existent and it simply leaves the result, the achievement: time gained and its effect on the human - a better life.

Volvo Concept 26 – CNET L.A. Auto Show Press Video

CNET picked up the story at the LA Auto Show with their editorial piece currently at over 15 million views.

Making Of

We were given a chair and plastic steering wheel to tell the story of the new Concept 26 semi-autonomous vehicle. Our challenge was to shoot live-action talent and real-world plates with only these physical elements. The rest of the automobile was built in CG and composited into the live action plates.