Role: Creative direction, content development, branded entertainment, live action direction, design direction, vfx supervision, post supervision.

Three floors of large scale experiential art projection. A permanent installation that breathes new life to the exhibit of these amazing automobiles and takes them beyond mere displays.

Just as the new architecture of the Petersen Museum creates a powerfully emotional experience, the proposed video installation must be equally impactful. This installation cannot be ordinary; instead it needs to be a living, organic extension of the building itself, enhancing both the architecture and the cars on display.

With that in mind, these are the goals:
- The work needs to be immersive. Not an edit on the wall, rather an art installation. Where possible, interactive.
- The work needs to bear playback 24/7.
- The design and esthetics need to have a long shelf life.
- The content should be modular to allow randomization and periodic exhibit refresh.
- For maximum visual immersion, the projection surface should be treated as one long, continuous canvas.

Behind The Scenes

First Floor
Artistry of the Automobile

At the core of the content for the “Art of the Automobile” wall is a concept we call “The Spark of Creativity.”

We begin with the flash of an initial idea, sparked from a form in nature (a shell, a ying bird, a leaping deer), architecture, music, the forms of dancing bodies. Through the artist’s hands, this idea gets transmuted into tangible automotive parts: soft curves and outlines of the body, grill, or headlights.

More ideas burst from this singular event, branching and expanding, reflecting the art in every aspect of the automobile, all interconnected through a nexus of shimmers and curves representing the “creative force” - a branching tree of lines and light mixed with suggestive shadows evoking the architectural details of the Petersen building. The tone is poetic and majestic, like a sculpture floating in zero gravity.

We treat the length of the projection as one long form. Rolling from one direction to the other, like a parade, we are not merely contained by the 175 feet of screen; rather, we create a longer strip of morphing imagery, revealing more as it slowly pans from left to right.

Throughout the exhibit, the displayed environment will provide visuals that can be appreciated when visitors are close, or as a panorama from afar.

“The Spark of Creativity” is an active animation that draws traffic from one display to the next, following the sprite of creative inspiration that births tangents at multiple points over the length of the exhibit.

With a total running time of 10-12 minutes, the different stages in design do not exclude one another. They play into each other, slowly transitioning from one style to the other in space (across the length of the screen) and in time, keeping the content fresh and interesting.


Second Floor
Thrill of Motorsports

This display is about racing from the audience’s  perspective, focusing on the emotions of the sport and its fans. It lends itself to an immersive experience due to the quality of the arched video wall.
We start on the empty bleachers of a racetrack as the sun is coming up.
It is quiet, solemn, yet bristling with the anticipation of the events to come.
Outside the raceway fans start showing up. Our camera POV is one of them.
We share their excitement and anticipation as we bump shoulders with the other fans.
Now, we are one of the pit crew, getting ready.
Fluidly we become the driver putting on his helmet and sitting in the driver’s seat.
We are the starting line flagman, our own hand waving the flag that starts the race.
We are the driver, our hands reaching to the steering wheel....and then
we are a fan following the race amongst the cheers in the bleachers.
We are the pit crew changing a tire or fueling, we are the driver crossing the finish line.
We are one of the crew, victory fist in the air and a fan running to the podium.
We are on the podium victorious among the cheers of the crowd below, under the confetti and champagne.
We are cheering around the podium or the journalist snapping pictures.
We are a fan walking out of the venue amongst the other fans, smiles in their faces.
We are a lone POV on the empty bleachers as the sun sets down.
Loop playback.

Custom 180° camera rig
Third Floor
Road To Stardom

Content combined and spread across 10 screens in a homage to cars in Hollywood. It touches on the cars that have become icons, the cars that have set the period tone and the car chases that have brought excitement to the audience. The car’s of the stars also hold a special place. Elvis’ Pantera, Astaire’s Town Car, Jayne Mansfield’s Lincoln. Beyond these are the cars that are used to make the entertainment we love. Camera cars and bikes have brought places we can’t go in reality, sometimes at top speed.
All this combined in a fast-paced, Hollywood inspired video that plays as backdrop to ten of the museums most famous cars.  

Real-world praise