Role: Creative and design direction, branded content.

How to bring life and motion to an in-studio feature shoot and cratsmen interview?
Proposed content for the GMC Acadia and Terrain.

The GM Design Dome is a beautiful work of architecture. Projecting moving environments around the cylindrical part of the dome; imagery reminiscent of the places where the Acadia can go, brings it to life. Ephemeral, wispy, thought-like visuals. They do not overpower, not like a projected movie, but are used to add subtle motion to the environment.

This also helps with the sheet metal, bringing art directed reflections on the headlights, light and shadow play through the windshield as we look from inside out.

The use of shapes and forms inside the Dome as projection canvases frames the car. On wheel, these panels move around in tandem choreography with the camera building focal point and creating interesting light and reflections on the body of the car. They also add interest to the outside view of the interior shots. Moving vs static panels
There is a fresh, exquisite tone to the world inside the dome and out on the streets.
It is visually rich, dripping in reflections, contemporary architectural lines. Alive but not noisy/busy.
A sense of serenity permeates, enhancing the vehicles visually and creating an analogy to the refreshing quality the end user will experience when driving these cars.
That refreshing serenity comes as a result of the combined features that we are about to explain in detail: from the soft leather to the appointed dashes, the technology effortlessly at your fingertips, the interior, exterior and performance that makes the world melt away.