Role: Creative direction, brand direction, content development, branded entertainment, live action direction, vfx supervision, post supervision, digital media, strategy, wireframing, technical direction.

For the launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio a heretofore undone combination of live action, visual effects and interactive was created to match the excitement of the release of this much anticipated vehicle.

The conundrum: How to create a set of targeted pieces of content that will tell the technical story of the Giulia. They need to be technically informative about the features of the car, yet entertaining and involving.There are several focus areas (body, engine, braking, etc) yet an uninterrupted flow is the goal.

Solution: A microsite was pitched where the user experience would be uninterrupted and in logical sequence. We shoot the car live action, every time an end user clicks on the video the car becomes transparent, showing the components underneath with motion graphics callouts.

Conundrum 02: On every car manufacturer you will at one point or another face the configurator. Ye old standard 3d car spinning in a white environment. You click and change the colors, the wheels, etc. It is a tired and overdone system that admittedly works fine. But it is nothing to set you apart.

Solution: Live action shoot an anthem film of the Giulia running in its natural habitat. When the end user clicks on the video it can cycle through all the different color combinations available.

This is done by buffering several frame accurate videos that contain the original red car and all the other variations done in CG (not a mere color correction).

Extra Solution: What about night time? When in a website configurator more often then not the colors displayed are not the ones you will end up seeing in real life. How about at night? The proposed configurator also includes a day and night button so you can see your future vehicle in either condition.

Montage of the interactive experience highlights Components:
Anthem Film
Technical Deep Dives

Interactive Experience