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Ergin is a multidisciplinary, hands-on creative director, live action director and vfx supervisor, specializing in building and leading creative teams in the fields of advertising, motion picture, broadcast, experiential and interactive.

Through the years he has been a child actor, bartender, literary translator, writer, teacher, publisher of a sociopolitical newspaper, war guide for the Washington Post, Emmy nominated visual effects supervisor and advertising creative director. Arguably, his greatest achievement is his series of post-production tutorials which have been cracked and downloaded worldwide; hopefully helping the next generation of artists.

He has been written about in LA Times, Wired and Shoot, has been nominated for an Emmy, MTV music video award, was somehow awarded a cultural ambassador order from the president of Albania and his work is on permanent display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

He has a love for and a decent collection of paperback sci-fi, exploring far places on motorcycles and single malts.

In the almost nonexistent time between work and trying to raise his children to be astronauts (so he can live vicariously), he handcrafts leather luggage in his garage, is currently hoping to finish his translation of Asimov’s Foundation and is trying to reimagine the blinker.